Imagine the look on your child's face when they hear your voice on their video

We believe that the early stages of child development are critical for learning and parental bonding. During these early stages, babies respond stronger to the sound of familiar voices.

With The Mom Effect, you can create a personalized video that will build on the developing bond between you and your child. This engaging Early Discovery Video Series is designed to promote early childhood development using the sound of your own voice. When Mom speaks, Baby responds.

Our cutting edge videos are designed for young children. There are no rapid scene changes. The story moves at a pace that allows for your child to follow. They are short videos based on the appropriate attention span for their age. Last but most important - They are narrated with your parent - ease of talking that your child is familiar with and loves to hear.

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Happy Baby

Check out our most recent videos that you can add your own voice to

The Adventures of Happy Fish - b&w

Join the Happy Fish trio and MOM as they set off on an adventure exploring their undersea world. This narrated story is designed for babies age two to six months. Around the age of two months, babies are beginning to focus on high contrast objects....
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The Adventures of Happy Fish - color

Join the Happy Fish trio and MOM again in the color version of the The Adventures of Happy Fish. This narrated story is designed for babies age 4 months to toddlers age 2 years. This version introduces color in the images and story....
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The Video Series Includes:

Personalized script with your name and Baby's name.

Interactive play cards.

Your personalized video.

Create your personalized Video in 3 easy steps

Personalize Your Script

After you purchase your Early Discovery Video Series you can enter your name and you child's name to personalize your script. You can save a copy of this personalized script or print it.

Record Your Narrations

Our interactive recorder will guide you through the process of creating your personalized video. On each screen you will be given a line to read. Then, you can play back the narration and save it or choose to redo it.

Receive Your DVD

Once the narrations are recorded, you can download your video and enjoy it with your child.

What people are saying about The Mom Effect

client testimonial

Black and white images seemed to hold his attention. Then he would look away and when he heard my voice he turned right back towards where my voice was coming from. Wonderful idea!

client testimonial

Amazing Product. The process of creating the video was so much fun. And the look on my daughter's face when she watches it is priceless.

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