One morning in 2007 a television news story was discussing the effects of educational videos on young children. The story implied that children’s video products didn’t deliver the results as advertised. Barbara’s interest was piqued, but she didn’t say a lot. Barbara went on the internet and looked up the study. Barbara said, “I know how to make a video for young children that will be effective! “ Matt said, “What would that be?” She replied, “Put mother's voice on a video.” Matt said, “That’s a great Idea!” Matt and Barbara began working that evening on what is now known as ‘The MOM Effect®’ a Personalized Early Discovery Series. 

Barbara and Matt began immediately researching early  baby brain development and mother’s interaction with baby. They discovered that babies are born with the natural ability to distinguish different voices and use their senses to take in new information. They further discovered scientific research to support ‘The MOM Effect®’ - that critical early learning takes place during the relationship between mother and baby. 

The most influential sound that a fetus hears from the womb, is their mother's voice. This is the only voice baby can hear while in the womb. During the third trimester, seventh and eighth month, mother's voice is already having a calming effect on the fetus. Baby’s first memory is mother’s voice. This memory was created in the womb. By the time baby is born, they actually recognize their mother's voice.

During the first few years of a baby's life, the primary relationship is with the mother – MOM. Early learning experiences result in the creation of memories. Mother’s voice already represents security and comfort. Studies have proven that mother and baby interactions help to advance infant brain development. This interaction begins the communication between baby and mother, which lays the foundation for language development. Based on these known facts, it is only natural that mother be the one to introduce early discovery experiences to baby. 

The concept of our Personalized Early Discovery Series is based on scientific research that demonstrates early learning experiences take place with mother and baby through natural voice recognition and bonding experiences in the naturalistic setting. Our concept expands the voice recognition and bonding experiences when mother has to return to work or leave baby with another caregiver. Even DAD and grandparents can create a bonding experience with the baby using ‘The MOM Effect®’. The goal of ‘The MOM Effect®’ is to create an enjoyable and entertaining experience in which mother and baby grow naturally together. 

Meet ‘The MOM Effect®’ team

Barbara Hale is the President of ‘The MOM Effect’. She is the mother of three children and the grandmother of 11. Barbara is the story teller/designer of The Mom Effect videos. 

Matt Hale currently designs the product flow for 'The Mom Effect®'. 

From the founders...

As grandparents that spent a lot of time babysitting, we were able to test our theory behind The MOM Effect®. Watching our granddaughter Chloe at 2 months follow with her eyes a white shape against a black poster board just blew us away. At 6 months old we were finally able to show her the first version of the Adventures of Happy Fish with grandma's voice as the narrator. Chloe was drawn to the black and white of the video and when she heard my voice, she turned and looked at me and then back to the video. She knew it was my voice. As Chloe got older she watched the revisions as we made them. When she was starting to talk she would ask to see the Happy Fish. She loved that video. She grew up with that video. Eventually she began to know the script and recognize the 'flower fish' calling it out. The day she responded yes to the question, Would you like to ride on a sailboat with Grandma, we knew it was time to move forward with our project.

We had so much fun creating The MOM Effect® and hope you and your child get as many hours of enjoyment from your video as we did with Chloe.

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