Feedback of early childhood educators who reviewed this DVD

"In my opinion, this is a DVD that should be used in the curriculum in schools. Mothers do the same thing with their children as the fish are doing, so the child can relate to what is going on in the DVD. Before I saw this DVD, I never would have thought to use this, but now I would suggest this curriculum to be used by everybody."

"I believe this curriculum is very good, it has a positive way of introducing infants to more complex concepts, has a sequence, is appropriate for infants because it uses voice and pictures. I think a nice addition would be adding puppets for the mother to use."

"I liked the DVD series because it is age appropriate for infants and toddlers. The words were repeated, which captures a child's attention when they hear their name, especially when it's recorded in the parent's voice. I like the black and white images, they were clear and large. Also, the DVD could be used with children who are ESL because it can be in a child's native language. I really like how the parent's voice can be recordered on the DVD. It's really a great way to help bond with your child."

"My final opinion of this curriculum is that it is structured well and has a clear way of understanding. The children would be focused on watching the DVD because of the black and white scenes. The voice of a familiar person recorded on the DVD can engross the attention of the child. The cards are also great as a follow-up activity. The parent can use it to play games with the child after seeing the DVD."

"This curriculum is very interesting, because it allows children the opportunity to listen to their parent's voice; it has basic colors and shapes. There are no specific skills for this curriculum; the instructions are easy to follow. This is an appropriate way to introduce infants to their environment."

"I really liked this curriculum and I would use it in my classroom with my children. The main reason that I liked it was because of the mother's interaction with the baby during the video. Mother and child interaction is one of the most critical elements to the development of a healthy and happy baby during the first years. Another reason why I liked this curriculum was because it can be multi-cultural, which can be used with any child."

"What I liked from the curriculum is that the content of the DVD series is clear and easy for the children to follow. The implementation of this curriculum does not require the teacher to spend excessive time in preparation. What I liked most was the idea of getting parents involved in their child's daily learning. In conclusion, the curriculum is a helpful resource for teachers who work in early childhood programs."

"What I mostly enjoyed about this video was that it was not complicated for a child to stay focused. Using black and white for this software was a great decision made because it does not distract a child due to so much color. Using the parent's voice was especially a great factor for this software because it helps the child distinguish their parent's voice. Outlining the fish to make it stand out from its background helps the child follow along easily. Another great thing about this software was that the length of it was about right for a child."

"I enjoyed watching the DVD. I liked the large white and black images, and when mother fish kept calling her baby fish by name and telling baby fish what they were going to do next. This will help the child follow simple directions. This DVD could be a good resource for early childhood educators."

"What I liked about the curriculum is that it is simple to use and doesn't have color to distract the child. The pace of the reading is not fast, making it easy to follow. Short words are used and repeated. Being able to use the parent's voice to do the reading on the DVD series, the Adventures of Happy Fish, is good to have in the class to use with children who miss their parents. While listening to the story the child will hear the parent's voice and their name, and then receive one-on-one attention. This attention will help the child bond more with their parents."