After your purchase 

After you make your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email containing the details of your order. You will login to your member account through the My Account page on our website. Here you will see an overview of your order history. Each order will show a status - ordered, personalized or finished. Clicking on View Order will give you the specific information of that order or the next step in the completion of your personalized video.


Before you record 

The next step after you order will be to personalize your story. You will decide what you will be called in the video. This title can be mom, mommy, dad, daddy, aunt patty, grandma, nana etc. Your title is whatever your child has come to know you as. Even dad and grandparents can create a bonding experience with The MOM Effect®. You can also choose how you will address your child. You can use either your child's name or a nickname that you call your child.


Getting ready to record 

We have updated the recorder and you can now record from your cell phone and tablet. To have consistency in the volume of your recordings,  whatever device you choose to record with, use from start to finish. When using cell phones or tablets, you may not be able to adjust your microphone settings. In this case, playback of your video may need an external speaker to get the playback volume you desire.

The recorder will use the microphone from whatever device you are using to record from. On desktops and laptops, we suggest that you test your microphone prior to recording your narrations and adjust the record and playback as needed. Some microphones have a boost adjustment setting, which may need to be turned down or off. When testing your microphone, we recommend that you use headphones to get a more accurate idea of what your voice will sound like on your video.


The recording script 

After you complete the personalization information for your child's video story, the script will be shown to you with your title and child's name inserted into the script. If you wish you can print this script out. This copy of the script allows you to get familiar with the story that you will be recording for your child. 

Prior to the actual recording, we encourage you to use this script and read aloud to your child. With a little practice, you can bring this story to life. While reading your script, relax, talk to your child in the same manner that you always do. This "Parent Ease" of talking is what your child has come to recognize. Addressing them by name will draw their attention.


Once you access the recorder 

Once you are in the recorder, you will see helpful hints to guide you through the recording of your narrations. You will always see the narration number that you are at. The recorder will lead you through the script line by line with your narration and the image associated from the scene it belongs to. We recommend using headphones while you record so that when you listen to your play back you get a better idea of what your narration will sound like on the video. 

You will be presented with four button options: record, stop, play, and upload (save). When you are ready to start, upon pressing the record button, record turns red and you should read your line of the script. Once you read that narration, press stop. You now can play back the narration and if you are satisfied with it, press upload and the narration will save and the next narration will load for you to record. If you are not satisfied with that narration, just press record again. 

The recording can be done in one or as many sessions that you want. Once narrations are uploaded they are saved. The recorder updates and when you return again and log in you will start where you left off. So take your time and relax. We understand that you might get interrupted and have to stop.


Once you have completed the recording of your narrations 

Once you have completed the recording of your narrations your video will be compiled and available for download the same day. Any accessories included with your video series will be packaged and shipped within 24 hrs of your initial purchase to insure that they arrive before you finish the recording of your video narrations. All Personalized Early Discovery accessories are shipped using USPS. Once shipped you should have your items within 4 business days.


Your Baby's Personalized Early Discovery Video Series includes Accessories for a "Play to Learn" Experience!

Your Baby’s Personalized Early Discovery Series is comprised of a personalized video – your voice on each video - and accessories based on subjects featured in the video story. These accessories are designed to facilitate interaction between you and your baby for a "Play to Learn" experience which supports social and emotional development. Using creative play with your baby nurtures creativity.




Playing the video for your Baby 

You, the parent, will learn to recognize your baby’s “Quiet Alert Time” and understand the important role it plays in learning. When your baby is in a state of “Quiet Alertness”, they will look around, paying attention to sounds and appear to be wide eyed and alert. 

Every baby is different. Some are quiet and alert when they first wake up from a nap while others want to eat. Some are quiet and alert after they eat while others are ready to go to sleep after a meal. 

As your baby gets older the “Quiet Alert Times” will increase and happen more often. These “Quiet Alert Times” are the appropriate times for you to play your Personalized Video and for interaction between you and your baby.


Your Account with us 

On our website you will create a member account where you can log in see an overview of your order history and track the status of any open orders. If you have any questions, please call and we will assist you in getting the answers that you need.


Thank you!


Thank you for your purchase. Our goal of the Personalized Early Discovery Series is to create an enjoyable and entertaining experience in which you and your baby grow naturally together. 

However, we realize that many first time families worry about returning to work and losing precious bonding time with their new baby. ‘The MOM Effect®’ will allow you to return to work and have your baby hear your voice at playtime, naptime, and normal activity time while you are away.

For any about questions about us, please call:
President, The Mom Effect®

(833) 682 -9275