The Adventures of Happy Fish - b&w

MP4 downloadable Video Join the Happy Fish trio and MOM as they set off on an adventure exploring their undersea world. This narrated story is designed for babies age two to six months. Around the age of two months, babies are beginning to focus on high contrast objects and follow them by eye. The MOM Effect black and white video builds on this phenomenon by naturally drawing baby's attention. The black and white images allow for babies to advance their focusing skill development, while the audio introduces them to rudimentary speech and reinforces the parent-child attachment and bonding. This video includes a low volume background musical score that is light, yet adventuresome, with a childlike innocence. Your Baby’s Personalized Early Discovery Series is comprised of a personalized video – your voice on each video - and accessories based on subjects featured in the video story. These accessories are designed to facilitate interaction between you and your baby for a "Play to Learn" experience which supports social and emotional development. Using creative play with your baby nurtures creativity.
5 Stars
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Barbara ago

Love the simplicity of the process. Extremely easy to do!

Anonymous ago

Very nice product!

Barbara ago

Cute story. Easy to set up and record.