The Adventures of Happy Fish - color

MP4 downloadable Video Join the Happy Fish trio and MOM again in the color version of the The Adventures of Happy Fish where the Happy Fish trio and MOM set off on an adventure exploring their undersea world. This narrated story is designed for babies age 4 months to toddlers age 2 years. This video shows the familiar Happy Fish trio and MOM in black and white while introducing color in the images and story script. By the age of 4 months babies are already enjoying colors. Plus, there is also a rapid increase in their vocalization and babies are spending a lot of their time practicing their newly discovered vocal talents. Hearing a familiar voice on their video stimulates their vocal interaction. The more they hear familiar voices, the more babbling they will do. During the ten to twelve months, their communication abilities take a leap forward. Babies are now interested in the names of objects. As babies launch into their second year, their increased know-how in copying is paired with a leap forward in language development. By this time, they can have from 2-12 words in their vocabulary and show word and sentence understanding. Your Baby’s Personalized Early Discovery Series is comprised of a personalized video – your voice on each video - and accessories based on subjects featured in the video story. These accessories are designed to facilitate interaction between you and your baby for a "Play to Learn" experience which supports social and emotional development. Using creative play with your baby nurtures creativity.
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